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Forced Trading, Are you doing it?

by Ahsan Aslam Khan

Forex Trading is a multi-layered phenomenon. Its vast range of features makes it so appealing. Forced Trading is one of the many aspects of trading. Novice traders often frown at hearing this term. Let’s understand the meaning by this term.

Novice Traders & Forced Trading:

After the initial and exciting stage of Forex trading, the Novice traders often feel dejected. They feel that the Forex trading is not their cup of tea. They lose their trading zeal and zest. The volatility and excitement of trade just wear them out. Some of them take a break from this hectic routine to refresh their mind. Such traders often resume after sometime. While the other group of Novice traders take this trial as a challenge. Instead of being exhausted, they keep on taking positions in such trades that do not even meet their terms and conditions. Perhaps they want to prove some point to someone or maybe they do not want to surrender so soon. Such trading is called Forced Trading.

Forms and levels:

If you fall under the second group then my friend, it means that you are doing forced trading. It means that you are taking trade positions in such setups that are beyond your comfort zone. You may even be trading too often than your usual routine or you are taking too large positions. All of these scenarios are forms of Forced Trading. You need to understand that it is profession, just like all other paying professions. You should not make it an issue of self-respect.

Professional Trading:

If you want to become a professional trader then you should not take any loss to your heart. Similarly you cannot act like stubborn children who do not want to give up. If you feel fed up, take a break. It is your profession so you should not treat it like some kind of obligation. Take rest and relax your mind. Then after some time if you feel comfortable you can resume trading.

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