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Hold or Fold?

by Ahsan Aslam Khan


Hold or Fold?

Hold or fold is one of the most disturbing questions that upset a Forex trader. There are many struggles that a trader has to face in order to earn profit in Forex trading. Frankly speaking Forex trading is serious and profitable business with some specific rules. You have to follow its terms and conditions strictly if you actually want to earn a living from it. At the same time, you have to deal with some certain questions that constantly pop in the minds of the traders. Sometimes these questions haunt the newbies like nightmares. If you are interested in trading currencies that you must be aware of these significant questions.

The question that disturbs investors is that whether they should hold a winning position for a longer duration or to take profit and quit it. It is a crucial question for a newbie in Forex trading but the very question also affects the professional traders as well. Some traders who avoid risk prefer to take profit and close the trading position. Such traders believe in the saying that a bird in hand is better than two in the bushes. Therefore they do not wait longer for greater profit and always worry about hold or fold. Many small gains are satisfying for them. They just satisfy with a small gain or a minor profit and close the position.

While on the other hand, the traders who enjoy taking risk don’t bother about the question whether they should keep a trading position. Such traders often wait longer and prefer to hold a winning position open to earn greater profit. They tend to experiment in order to catch a bigger one. Small profit does not satisfy them. Therefore they aim to earn a significant amount even if it means to wait longer and take risk. Thus hold or fold is a troubling question and has different effects on different traders. You have to deal with it on regular basis in Forex trading.

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