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Trading Pair of EUR/USD and New Year – Forecast

by Ahsan Aslam Khan

Trading Pair of EUR/USD and New Year:

The trading path further continues to be full of hardships for USD. New Year is not going to let the traders of trading pair EUR/USD cannot relax in the current scenario. The USD is not easing the tension of the traders and investors. The price of the counter-parts against USD is spiking up. Leaving Dollar behind, its counter-currencies are gaining ground with every passing day. The trials of USD do not seem to end in the near term. USD continues to face fall as compared to EUR, IDR, SND and PHP. In case of JPY, you are about to witness bullish pattern. Even in this pair, economists and traders are anticipating that the losses of USD will extend further. However the loss against EUR is of supreme importance in Forex market as it is a leading trading pair.

Trading pair EUR/USD:

There are different factors that are predicting that EUR will continue to go upwards as compared to USD. The sentiments of the traders are highlighting and exposing the fact that the air may cause headache as well. You can expect to view buy on the dips approach as well. This week of December will observe a cycle of momentum of this trading pair. The struggle of USD does not seem to end any soon.

New Year Celebrations and EUR/USD:

New Year celebrations seem to be heightened for the EUR traders as it appears to have a stronger position in 2021. The beginning of New Year will become a U-turn for EUR.  Thus a pullback will serve as a New Year gift for forex traders. Oh the hustle and bustle of New Year will likely to shake the Forex market. But still at the same time, you cannot ignore the fact that EUR will continue to absorb the trading gains. Therefore you can say that USD will continue to struggle against it even after the New Year Eve.

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