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Trading Pairs of USD/IDR Vs USD/PHP:

by Ahsan Aslam Khan

Trading pairs of USD/IDR Vs USD/PHP:

USD has some significant trading pairs with ASEAN Currencies. Particularly the traders eye the trading pairs of USD/PHP & USD/IDR. The current trading trend of USD/IDR is strongly Bearish. Trend of trade of USD/PHP is reflecting buying action.

The trend of  Pair of USD/IDR, Review:

The trading pair of Indonesian Rupiah and USD has gained the attention of traders. The pair has recently enjoyed the state of constant gains. This cycle of gains does not seem to end soon. In Fact the current trading scenario hints that the journey of gains of this pair will extend further in the coming days as well. The value of this pair has already crossed the resistance point which was blocking the value since September. Now the focus is on the value of Simple Moving Average of 100-day. The pair is also eyeing the inflection zone at 14525-14563. Pair is targeting this zone but at this point there might be pullback as well. Alternatively if it fails to move upward and closes below the value of 100-day SMA then this move will shift the support point. This fall will drag the support point at 13870-14012.

The trade of USD/PHP, Review:

The situation for the trading pair of Philippine Peso and Dollar is not that much exciting. There is a neutral trend of trade for USD/PHP. It did not manage to cross the resistance point of simple Moving Average of 200-day. Currently the price of the pair is moving between 48.2870 and 48.3600. This range of values is also reflecting the inflection zone. If the price manages to move upward then it will target the highest value of last month. Alternatively if it drops then its value will create the new lowest value of this year. RSI is currently indicating the buying action. Similarly the MACD is also hinting the buying side of this pair.

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